Welcome to Distant Shores!.

Distant Shores is a Star Trek writing community based in the "Original Series" movie era. The current sim year is 2282. We're an easy going community. We've got no "admiralty", no "Chain of Command" and no lengthy set of rules on what you can or cannot do. We are a forum based sim/writing group that places an emphasis on story telling and character development. If you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere and have a love for the "Golden Era" of Trek, then Distant shores is definitely for you. We're just getting underway so anything and everything is on the table. To find out more, you can e-mail me or submit a character application! To get a better sense of the setting in which our stories take place, please check out the History of the Distant Shores Initiative page.

We look forward to writing with you!

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Mission One has begun!

16 Mar 2014 09:28