Rule # 1

Have Fun!

That is why we're here. the HAVE FUN. Like every one else who signs up to play either on any number of sites out there, writing stories based in the Star Trek Universe is a fun leisure activity. Ultimately this site is just that. It's a leisure activity. It's a writing site sure enough but more so it's a community of people with a common interest. We all like sci fi, and we all like hanging out with other like minded folks. We didn't get together to see who could get promoted faster or move up the chain. Speaking of the chain, it's pretty simple. The admin(s) facilitate the group and maintain the site. Nothing more. Every writer's voice carries equal weight with regards to how the story on this site will unfold. We all own Distant Shores. From the lowest ranking crewman to the highest ranking character on the site, we're all the same rank when it comes to the out of character aspect of the site. So feel free to talk to me at any time via IM,PM, e-mail, smoke signal, or whatever other means are at your disposal. And there aren't any hidden forums here where the CO and others will gather and snicker at you behind your back. (We'll do that via PM or IM like civilized folk!).

So that's Rule one. HAVE FUN! Pretty simple right? I think so.

Rule # 2

NO OOC Drama!

We covered this a bit in Rule #1, but it's important. So I'll give it another go. Look, I know that people don't always get along. We're going to have arguments, bad blood and all the other fun little bits of friction when we start getting different people from different places with different ideas together in one place. I know that. I ANTICIPATE that. However! We're all adults or damned close to it, and we are simply not going to use the forum as a place to air our RL differences. What you can do if you've got an issue with another player is take it to PM or IM. Send an e-mail. Write a letter… call them on the phone. I don't care if you send a telegram. but what will NOT happen is that you will NOT bicker on the forums. I have zero patience for petty bickering and I am not unfamiliar with the delete button. As in accounts. As in We're here to follow Rule # 1. And if you stay true to the first rule, then the second one is a non issue. So… there we go. No OOC Drama.

Well that's the rules folks. There are only two. Pretty easy right? It certainly is!

OH! You might also want to check out the forums for guidlines on simming, and how to tailor your particular writing style to mesh with what everyone else on the site/sim is doing.