Marine Rank Structure

Rank Structure

Unlike the rest of Starfleet, the Starfleet Marine Corps has a separate rank structure, which is a nod back to the days of the MACOs. Since a Marine is never an ex-Marine (without a dishonorable discharge), he/she may keep their Marine rank as their primary rank, even if they move on to other departments and responsibilities within Starfleet which are not serviced by the SFMC

Commissioned Officers are distinguished from other officers by their commission, which is the formal written authority, issued in the name of the Federation President, that confers the rank and authority of a Marine Officer. Commissioned officers carry the "special trust and confidence" of the Federation President.

Officer Grade Insignia ** Title Abbreviation**
O-1 M-01.png Second Lieutenant 2ndLt
O-2 M-02.png First Lieutenant 1stLt
O-3 M-03.png Captain CAPT
O-4 M-04.png Major MAJ
O-5 M-05.png Lieutenant Colonel LTC
O-6 M-06.png Colonel COL
O-7 .png Brigadier General BG
O-8 M-G-A-2.png Major General MG
O-8 M-G-A-3.png Lieutenant General LTG
O-10 M-G-A-4.png General GEN
O-1 M-G-A-5.png Marshal MAR