Matt Williams

Matt was born on earth in the year 2362 to John and Kay Williams. Matt was a child always in a rush to grow up. By age 11 he wanted to start working and, through a family friend, began vocational training at a little appliance shop. Matt learned about computers and the way they worked and interacted with the mechanical parts of the appliances. Matt was in heaven for the first couple of years but as time went on and the initial excitement of getting his first job wore off he realized it wasn't his passion. Matt began to look at Starfleet Engineering thinking he would follow in John's footsteps. As Matt studied targeting systems and the weapons they were attached to he became increasingly passionate. However in 2379 a murderer invaded the Williams' Residence and killed Kay and Matt's search for justice led him to want to help people like himself. Matt applied to Starfleet Academy in and began basic training in 2380 his planned major was criminology with a minor in sensor technology and he never strayed from that path. During Matt's education at Starfleet Academy he excelled in criminal psychology and marksmanship. Matt graduated ninth in his class in 2383 and received a posting aboard the Apollo as a security officer.

Shortly after his arrival to the Apollo the ship encountered a task group of Pandarian patrol cruisers. The Pandarians guided the Apollo under weapons lock to a planet on within Pandarian territory. Pandarian intelligence had mistaken the Apollo for the hospital ship Havers which they were planning to raid in the belief that Starfleet had already developed a cure for the plague sweeping through their populace. Regardless of the mistake the Pandarians intended to maroon the crew of the Apollo on the surface and scour the computers for evidence of the cure. Captain Viobb, looking for a better solution than destroying the Apollo, played along and willingly ordered the Apollo into Pandarian space. The lack of resistance boosted the confidence of the Pandarians and soon the escort reduced to three cruisers. While Captain Viobb was entertaining the Pandarian Task Group Commander three of the Apollo's security teams transported to the Pandarian flagship. Their mission was to assume control of the ship long enough to send a fake order for the remaining ships to break off of the escort. Matt was assigned to the team to take the bridge with the Chief of Security, Lieutenant Graeme Brown. A group of Pandarian soldiers pinned the team down on the bridge and looking for a quick solution Matt made a run for the service exit seeming to be fleeing from the fight. Brown barked an order for Matt to get back into position but he ignored the order and left the room through the service crawl ways. Matt used his tricorder to navigate behind the Pandarians and emerged with his phaser on a wide beam. He knocked out the Pandarians and things went as planned from the point forward. However upon the Apollo's return to Federation controlled space Lieutenant Brown reprimanded Matt for disobeying orders.

After the incident on the Pandarian cruiser Matt's relationship with Lieutenant Brown steadily disintegrated over the following year as their two differing styles seemed to always be in conflict. Matt had begun his search for a new posting as the Apollo assisted the USS Phoenix in a planetary survey of Taurina II. Being in close proximity to Pandarian space every survey team had a security officer posted to it. Matt was assigned to one of these teams when they discovered a group of Pandarian refugees fleeing from the plague. The Pandarians, being distrustful of the Federation, took up arms and attacked the survey team. Matt held off the refugees long enough for the survey team to escape and was captured. After a rescue mission, led by Lieutenant Brown, was successfully carried out Matt was safely returned to Apollo. Although bruised and beaten by the refugees Matt was released from sickbay to his quarters. Oblivious to it at the time Matt had made a distinct impression on Lieutenant Brown through his actions and this incident would lead to a trust between the two officers.

As time continued Brown would assign Matt to fill key roles watching him closely. Brown had to admit to himself that Matt wasn't incompetent. He was however quite stubborn and when he made up his mind in a crisis situation there was no changing it. Even if it meant disregarding orders. Such an attribute could be quite hazardous to a team from Matt's position. But as a leader, Brown determined, it was a great strength. At the earliest opportunity Brown promoted Matt to Assistant Chief of Security. Brown was careful not to micro-manage and just tell Matt what had to be done leaving the particulars to him. Matt excelled in this leadership role orchestrating the defense of the ship and away teams on many occasions. Matt would continue to serve on the Apollo until 2386 when, Lieutenant Brown, recommended Matt for his own department. From that recommendation came his assignment from Starfleet to the Fearless.



Biographical Information

Full Name - Matt Williams
Date of Birth - 09/DEC/2362
Race - Human
Gender - Male
Home Planet - Earth

Personal Appearance

Height - 5'8"
Weight - 136 lbs.
Hair Color - Brown
Eye Color - Brown

Political Information

Affiliation - Starfleet
Assignment - USS Fearless
Billet - Chief of Security

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