Nicholas Hunter
Biographical Information
Full Name - Nicholas Hunter
Date of Birth - July 27, 2358
Race - Human
Gender - Male
Home Planet - Xenex
Personal appearance
Height - 2.0 meters
Weight - 65 kg
Hair Color - Brown
Eye Color - Hazel
Political Information
Affiliation - Starfleet; UFP
Assignment - USS Fearless
Billet - Operations Officer
Rank - o4.png
Played by Brian

Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Hunter was a Human Starfleet Officer, assigned as Operations Officer of the USS Fearless in the late 24th Century.

Early Life

Nicholas Hunter was born on the arid planet of Xenex in Sector 221-G, to parents Michael and Ariadne Hunter. They were Starfleet observers charged with the study of development of Xenex itself as well as its 300 year long occupation by the Danteri. They lived among the Xenexians, disguised as them and were thus able to move about as freely as they could under the occupation.

It was shortly after his birth, though, that Danteri soldiers found the Hunters out and killed both of Nicholas' parents. The Danteri left baby Nicholas lying in the street to die of exposure. This was not the case, however, as a kind shop owner and his barren wife took the Human child in, hid him away and raised him as their own.

After the astonishing success of the M'k'n'zy uprising, the Federation took a greater interest in the affairs of Xenex and mediated the peace treaty between the two worlds, which facilitated the total Danteri withdrawal from the system. They also learned that Hunter's parents were killed by the Danteri and offered Nicholas the chance to leave Xenex. He refused.

Nicholas grew to young adulthood on the planet, thereafter. Though Human, Nick often exhibits Xenexian behaviors and speaks the language fluently. At sixteen years of age, he applied to and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Though Xenex is still not a member world of the Federation, Hunter was accepted due to his parents careers in Starfleet and his almost perfect score on the entrance exam.


Upon graduation from the Academy, Hunter was convinced to attend the Starfleet War College on Tau Ceti IV. He graduated in the top three percentile of his class. Indeed, it seemed Hunter was destined for Tactical or Security, but he chose and was accepted into the Operations Fast track program with his assignment to the USS Dauntless in 2380.

In 2382, Hunter was assigned as OPs Officer to the USS Merrick. It was shortly thereafter that the Beta Niobe Incident took place on Beta Niobe III. A strange uprising from the start, residents at the Beta Niobe Research Institute banded together with the planet's inhabitants, taking hostages and declaring open warfare on any who came to the planet surface.

The Merrick responded with two other starships full of Starfleet Marines. Battle ensued and Hunter found himself taking command of a Marine contingent and saving the lives of over four hundred institute residents. He was awarded The Starfleet Star Cross and promoted to Assistant Chief of Operations.

In 2385, Hunter was assigned as Chief of Operations aboard the USS Dauphine. This tour of duty went relatively smoothly as it was a major exploratory push into the Gamma Quadrant. A joint Klingon/Starfleet task force spent two years exploring the largely unknown sectors of space that made up the Quadrant.

Hunter was once again assigned as Chief of Operations to the USS Fearless in 2387.

Service Record

2374 - 2378: Starfleet Academy; Earth
2378 - 2380: Starfleet War College; Tau Ceti IV
2380 - 2382: USS Dauntless; OPs Officer
2382 - 2384: USS Merrick; OPs Officer
2384 - 2385: USS Merrick; Asst Chief of OPs
2385 - 2387: USS Dauphine; Chief of Ops
2387 - Curr : USS Fearless; Chief of OPs