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Welcome to the Phoenix Project!

The Phoenix project is a dual Simm, Part a colony created for commerce and habitation of member of Starfleet , a 35000 person one and a Starbase created for defense as well as a docking area for ship around the sector but most important on this very starbase is the Phoenix Academy. An academy created for making and training new member of Starfleet. Make them become what the need of new mind are in those time we are in.

The Starbase/Academy will be run by General Reius Rothschild and the Colony will be run by another Officer choose for his knowledge over the field. This will be the first dual command in a simm that has been ever.

The USS Paladin will be docked for the defense of the sector , the Ship is an Galaxy Class, Flagship of the General. The USS Heracles will also be dock for training purpose for the Cadet. The need for every type of position is due said but we would also need teacher as wel as cadet ready for class everyday, people able to write story to make them be alive!

The JAG shall also be station on the starbase making their office there if any crime or need of their service are to be of use.

Join us and find out.